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B. Celeste was born and raised in Upstate New York where she still resides with her sassy feline sidekick Oliver “Ollie” Queen. 

Having written since she could hold a pencil, it was her dream to become a published author and share her work with the world. 

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English, she began working toward her master’s in English and Creative Writing to teach aspiring writers how to find their voices. It was then when a term assignment turned into her first venture into the forbidden romance world of writing, and THE TRUTH ABOUT HEARTBREAK was born.

Continuing her writing career full time, B. Celeste continues creating raw, real romance in her favorite genre to bring original stories to life.

New to me?

Welcome to my world of raw, real romance. One thing I’ve always loved in stories is the gripping reality behind emotional characters. I hope you find something you like along the way.

To my Readers,

The stories I tell would be nothing without the loyal readers who give them a chance. Thank you for letting me bleed my soul into the pages of each book.

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