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A place where B answers some common questions from readers.

Do “The Truth about” books have to be read in order?

Technically, the only two books that NEED to be read in order are The Truth about Tomorrow (TTAT) and The Truth about Us (TTAU) because it follows the same two characters. However, if you want to understand the full dynamics you’ll see in those books, you could read The Truth about Heartbreak (TTAH) first. Otherwise, TTAH and TTAT can be read in whichever order.

Are you going to write a book for Milo and Ainsley?

I plan to! As of right now, they haven’t spoken to me. I won’t write a book unless I have a decent idea of where to go with it, or it’ll feel forced. Those two don’t deserve that. I’ll certainly make an announcement when it happens.

Are there any crossovers in your books?

Yes! I’ve got one out right now, IF I COULD, which is a standalone M/M romance. One of the male leads is from Color Me Pretty, and the other is from Underneath the Sycamore Tree (UTST). It takes place at Exeter High, where UTST did.

The other planned crossover is for Milo and Ainsley. For those who don’t know, Milo is from The Truth about Us and Ainsley is from Into the Clear Water, which means you will see their parents in the book. However, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to read the parents’ books first. This will be a “next generation” standalone. See above regarding Milo’s and Ainsley’s story.

Will you write a book for Kaiden someday?

I want to. I really, really want to. It’s caused a lot of debate online. Truthfully? When I wrote Underneath the Sycamore Tree (UTST), I hadn’t intended to ever go back to that world. UTST frigging hurt to write. As someone with a chronic illness, that book was my worst nightmare. However, I believe that everybody deserves love and I know Kaiden has a lot of it to give. So, yes. One day (no planned date), I would love to publish his book. Again, I’d make it a complete standalone.

What is the order of your published books?

The Truth about Heartbreak

The Truth about Tomorrow

The Truth about Us*

Underneath the Sycamore Tree

Where the Little Birds Go

Where the Little Birds Are

Into the Clear Water 

Color Me Pretty

If I Could

*Technically, The Truth about Us was published as a fun Christmas surprise after Underneath the Sycamore Tree was released. But, for the sake of the others, I consider it third. 




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